The Undiscovered: Spirit Creek

Spirit Creek


Setting Their Eye On The National Spotlight

Spirit Creek, led by guitarists Doug Schoeneck and Drew Ingle, submitted their new EP/CD Call The Rain, consisting of five guitar-driven songs reminiscent of bands such as Creed. Their strengths include a monstrous recorded guitar sound, intense and powerful vocals, and an overall tightness among the five musicians (including bassist John Waldron, drummer Curt Kratowicz and keyboardist Seth Bauer). Their CD throbs with sheer power and total conviction - these guys knew what kind of sonic space they wanted to play in - and play in it they do. These songs immediately grab the listener between the ears and don't let go - heck, there could be more guitar solos, but then again, maybe one shouldn't tinker with a winning formula. A must have for rock fans who love their crunch and a solid, driving beat.


For the past 6 years, Spirit Creek has methodically built a fan base in 12 states and 9 countries throughout the world. As the result of their constant touring, a 4000 person e-mail list, and a 95 member street team Spirit Creek has sold over 4000 copies of their first album and 2000 copies of Call The Rain. The success of Spirit Creek has led to performing with 31 National acts including Creed, Nickleback, 3 Doors Down, Drowning Pool, and Bush to name a few. Their reputation has earned them slots on Summerfest's Rock Stage for the past six years, the position of "house band" for Milwaukee's #1 concert venue for 4 years, and performances on 40 college campuses in ten states the last two years. The music industry has also taken notice. MTV Online selected Spirit Creek as "Band to watch in the year 2000." Yahoo's! 2002 Online Music Award's selected them out of 5300 bands Nationwide as their "Best Unsigned Artist In America."

Spirit Creek's unique sound has not only captured fans from all over the world, but has made the recording industry take notice. They have the "complete package" and are poised to live up to everyone's expectations and beyond.

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