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Wojciech Pilat


Polish Instrumentalist Creates Progressive Rock

Crowless Creations is Polish guitarist Wojciech Pilat's demo CD-R featuring ten progressive rock/metal instrumentals, including Bach's "Toccata In D Minor". Pilat played all guitars and bass, as well as programming drums, production and arranging the demo. Pilat is a ferocious soloist - his tracks offer crunchy rhythm guitar, soaring Satriani-styled riffs, gnarly wah-wah, soulful vibrato, high-speed legato runs, and banshee picking. He also likes to double track some lead work, such as on "Out Of Your Mind". "The Boogie" may be a spot where Pilat tries a little too hard to do the Satriani thing. He has put together a nice production, considering the demo came entirely out his home studio. Once Pilat pushes his influences just a little bit farther away, he should be capable of some wonderfully original, high-energy rock instrumentals.


Wojciech is 20 years old and has been playing guitar for about five years. Turned onto guitar by a Van Halen video, his first guitar influences were Jimmy Page and Joe Satriani, and now he ranks Steve Vai and Dream Theater highly as well. Since 1998 Wojciech has been playing in a band called White Crow, doing gigs and recording demo tapes. The band has built up a loyal group of fans in the Warsaw area. Musically, Wojciech would like to reach the point where his music would fill other people with certain emotions. He treats his guitar playing as a way of achieving it. Shredding for shredding's sake is not something Wojciech would like to concentrate on, although he works on technique very much, in order to gain as much control over his instrument as possible.

Currently Pilat is preparing a musical project which will involve the live performance of his music, and would someday like to release a solo CD. He is also open to all performance and release propositions.

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