The Undiscovered: Sons Of Infinity

Sons Of Infinity


Broadening The Appeal Of Instrumental Rock

The Sons of Infinity's second, self-produced CD, A Journey Through Infinity, contains ten tracks of original, instrumental music and draws upon their many influences such as Jeff Beck, Vinnie Moore, and Frank Zappa. Bassist Dan Christie and guitarist Tom Cavanagh spearhead this virtuoso trio, and along with drummer Gary Loock strive to create instrumental music anyone can appreciate, not just musicians. Cavanagh, who wrote or co-wrote all but one of the tracks on A Journey Through Infinity, has plenty of technique to spare, but sounds just as good soloing over a slower groove as on the faster numbers. There is plenty of variety on this CD from neo-classical ("Prelude to Infinity") to fusion/funk ("Scrambled Eggs with Mustard").


The Sons of Infinity have played a great number of shows to enthusiastic crowds on the east coast, and have opened for other well-known instrumental artists such as Randy Coven and Larry Mitchell. In 1994 they released Time is Against Us!, their first instrumental album, which was an artistic, financial and critical success. In 1995, The Sons of Infinity proved that their instrumental compositions could be radio-friendly when college and commercial radio began playing songs from their CD.

Television has also played an important role in exposing the band to a wider audience. The Sons of Infinity have appeared on many shows including "The Carl Bruno Show", "Wolf Toob" and "News 12". Their overall goal is to keep entertainment as a key factor in their music, stressing strong melodies and varied influences over the endless guitar and bass solos common among three-piece rock groups.

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