The Undiscovered: Sonny Bazan

Sonny Bazan


Latin Jazz Guitarist Looks To Shine

Submitting a three track demo CD-R with a sound that crosses over from adult contemporary jazz to soft R&B, guitarist Sonny Bazan is primed to take the jazz world by storm. Upon listening to the first few bars of Bazan's solo and lead style, the name George Benson certainly crops up as a heavy influence. The music features sweet, jazz-laced runs with a keen melodic sense and ear-perking, engaging songwriting. Especially enjoyable are the extended solo sections, giving the guitarist ample room to blow over the sensuous grooves. All three tracks are strong in their own right, and each could serve as an excellent introduction to the Bazan style. We can someday look forward to an entire CD's worth of Bazan's catchy, comtemporary jazz - be sure to take note of this up-and-coming Latin guitar player.


Sonny is an accomplished songwriter and musicians whose roots are from the San Francisco bay area. He is unique not only because he can write his own music, but he can play every instrument he writes for. Sonny started playing drums at the age of 3, and progressed from instrument to instrument until he found his true calling, the guitar, at the age of 10. Since then he has created his unique style with years of guitar playing, and is ready to let the world in on his secrets. To that end, Sonny has perforned at clubs and festivals from coast to coast.

Bazan's dream to be one of the premier Latin jazz guitarists, having the same influence in jazz as Carlos Santana has had in rock music. He would love to someday give Hispanic people a Grammy in the field of jazz through his guitar playing.

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Sonny Bazan
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