The Undiscovered: Somascetic



Blazing A New Progressive Trail

Layered guitars, highly textured sounds, and cohesive thematic content set Somascetic's double CD release The Violence Of Distance apart from the dozens of CDs in this category being produced every week. Guitarist/vocalist Shawn Burnette and percussionist Andy Reamer spearhead this project, which totals thirty tracks (several of which are instrumentals) and includes haunting acoustic pieces along with powerful and otherworldly progressive rock. It's been described as Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" meets Tool's "Lateralus", and definitely represents a creative use of guitars. One disappointment was not really being aware of what was being listened to; there are only thirteen song titles listed on the back of the CD, and thirty tracks on the two CDs, and the CD titles listed when the disc was inserted into a computer were again differently ordered.


The origins of Somascetic are seemingly lost in a mist of myth. Yet, for Shawn, it was during this hazy era that visualization of the jewel center possibly occurred. This
Initiated a contemplation of marrying formlessness and form and that which is of the nature of fire began to unite polarities within, inspiring expression. It was upon remembering promises made under the stars and rediscovering everlasting friendships that an even stronger unification began... the lunar, the solar, the white and the red, crossing and coiling... and now, oh what fun is being had! Incidentally, many new songs are being realized, and it has become evident that the enriching and magnetizing sounds of Somascetic are becoming even more innovative. In the midst of reaching out and to the edge of within, wrathful, awe-inspiring, and energetic sounds (speech) are being created with unique scordaturas in the guitars and basses.

Burnette is currently maintaining a meditative state while exploring his love of horticulture as the next Somascetic project is being revealed.

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