The Undiscovered: SIMPLYd



Original Acoustic Adult-Rock

Central Pennsylvania's SIMPLYd, consisting of D'Laine Evans (vocals. percussion), Steve Davis (guitar, vocals), and Billy Weyforth (bass), are versatile, talented and experienced singers/songwriters/performers in an acoustic-based adult rock trio. Their recently released CD, entitled Surrender features nine original tunes, and while acoustic in nature, songs such as the title track and "Invisible Suicide" feature healthy doses of Davis' electric guitar as well - clearly, one cannot pigeonhole this trio. The vocals throughout the CD are powerful and rangy and the tunes exhibit a shivery, almost supernaturally vivid sound - a great feat for an independently produced album. For sophistication blended with a punchy acoustic groove, check out SIMPLYd's Surrender.


Highlights of the trio's last five years together include opening for America in 1997 at Lancaster's Long Park Amphitheater, live radio broadcasts from central Pennsylvania's FM 92.7 "The Eagle", the Millennium Music showcase in Harrisburg, and a February 2000 cover and feature story in Fly Magazine. In addition the group performed in the 2000 Just Plain Folks east-coast tour showcases in Avondale and Philadelphia. The title track from their CD Surrender has also received radio airplay, and garnered a nomination for 1999 Song of the Year at Just Plain Folks.

SIMPLYd's philosophy is to strive to perform well-crafted and interesting material in their own unique way. They believe a great performance will break through many barriers, and that is the essence of their live shows.

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