The Undiscovered: Shunt



Canadian Metal Band Rocks Downloaders

Fresh off their domination of the download charts, Shunt, a heavy metal group out of Ottawa, Canada, has released a self-titled EP/CD consisting of six potent metal tracks that leap from the speakers and throttle the listener into attention. Stunt band members include Bob Cave (vocals), Shane Brouse (bass), Raphael Storto (drums) and Scott Cameron (guitar). Cameron's rhythm work and dark riffage blanket the low end of the tonal spectrum, leaving ample room for the straight-from-the-gut solo onslaughts characteristic of good metal axe grinders. Cameron's guttural, crushing style cuts through on every track, but without overwhelming the production or the other musicians. Stunt will be a band to watch in 2000.


In the winter of 1995, Sinister Sam, said to be the band to watch in 1996, found their market overlapping with a namesake from San Jose, California. Frustrated by attempts to resolve the battle for the name and an upheaval in the local music scene in the early new year, the band started anew. Taking their name from the inspiration of poet Robert Frost and the mentoring of Tool singer Maynard James Keenan, Shunt have put their frustration to work for them. They have, if you will, diverted it into new songs and a new approach. Shunt combines the unmistakable sound of "a brawl between the Tragically Hip and Helmet" with a cathartic stage demeanor and are quickly reclaiming their title as "the hardest working band in Ottawa."

Shunt plans to spend 1999 playing live wherever possible and will be promoting and selling their self-titled EP/CD worldwide.

Contact Information

Shunt C/O Sinister Music
P.O. Box 425
Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P5

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