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Shawn Harding


Meaningful Progressive Rock

Shawn Harding's second CD release, entitled Credo Ergo Sum (Latin: Kray-Doh Air-Go Suum meaning literally "I believe, therefore, I am") was released in January of 2000, with the assistance of drummer/percussionist Nick Horn. This progressive-sounding recording contains a collection of ideas the guitarist had been working on for several years, with the ultimate goal to create an instrumental recording with a unique blend of emotional, meaningful and enjoyable music. Cleanly produced, the record reflects the yin and yang of intimacy and power as the two musicians work together to push the musical energy ever forward -- some good stuff here. Interestingly, Credo Ergo Sum was recorded, mixed and engineered by Harding in a very small room in his Japanese house.


Shawn started playing guitar at the age of 13 in Tampa, Florida, at which time he formed his first band. He taught himself music theory through encyclopedias and books, learned bass guitar and started his first serious band in Tallahassee, Florida. Always religiously studying guitar, Shawn eventually wound up in Japan where he has since played with numerous musicians and recorded two CDs. He prefers working as a solo guitarist, with a drummer/percussionist who can really push his abilities as a guitarist, composer and bassist.

Harding's future goal is to get paid for doing his music. Already spending all his extra time pursuing his passion, his dream is to create and produce music for a living.

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