The Undiscovered: Sean Currin

Sean Currin


Dissonant Heavy Guitar Shred

Guitarist Sean Currin, out of the rural Virginia town of Alton, submitted a two-song CD-R demo, designed to showcase his guitar playing. The first track is entitled "Calm Before The Storm" and starts out with a very slow keyboard intro, and doesn't kick in the metal guitar riffs until about one minute into the song. The main riff finally enters at about the two-minute mark, which leaves about two and a half minutes for all the dissonant, shredded riffs to unravel like a tightly wound razor-wire coil. The fat metallic chords set the stage for the mind blowing, bombastic solos, which follow. "Laid To Rest" is the second track, on which Currin purposely did not play fast in order to show another side. It features a memorable main melody, harmonics and an arpeggiated backing. Some bends go out of key, as does the solo section about three minutes and ten seconds into the track, but this could easily be rerecorded.


Sean has been playing guitar since the age of eight. At the age of twelve, he took lessons from a classical concert pianist, and found inspiration from classical composers, Randy Rhoads, Akira Takasaki and all the Shrapnel artists. Sean found himself practicing a lot, sometimes skipping school to practice even more. In the early nineties, he entered numerous Guitar Wars contests and won top honors in all of them - and it was at that point that he felt all the practice time had been worth it. Sean always tries to be different as a guitarist, and is currently writing and recording his music and helping other musicians with their music. He is also working on a web site so that he can hopefully reach more people with his music.

Currin's future goals include recording a full-length, neo-classical shred instrumental CD with techniques that have never been done before, as well as perhaps starting an independent record company to feature great guitarists from all over the world.

Calm Before The Storm

Laid To Rest

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