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Sean Brown


A Little Of This, A Little Of That

His music has been described by many to be seductive, relaxing, almost to the point of putting someone to sleep, and features a variety of different styles and arrangements from rock to classical to a touch of Latin jazz. We're talking about Shreveport guitarist Sean Brown, and the tracks found on his latest CD, Tropical Distractions. As a collection of tracks, Brown is offering up something for everyone here - as an album, one might find the transition between the Latin jazz, the instrumental rock and the classical/jazz fusion a bit jarring. It might be better to release music so diverse as separate projects, such as the Sean Brown Experience (rock) and simply Sean Brown for his acoustic, tropically flavored pieces. He has a wonderful touch on the acoustic guitar, and the island inspired nature of his compositions can make for a great atmosphere. Brown's improvisations are a nice addition to the mix as well.


Originally from Houston, Texas But moving to Atlanta in early 1995, and then finally migrating to Shreveport, Sean began learning the guitar at the age of 15, and while in Houston in the early '80s, studied under the teachings of the late Dale Mullins. Mullins was in a league with such greats as Ray Curry, Chet Atkins, and many other great and talented musicians, until his passing. Joe Satriani was an early influence, and continues to inspire his electric guitar work, but Sean now finds himself spending more and more time with his acoustic guitar. With two CDs under his belt from the now non-existent, Sean has continued to write music that does not fall into a commercial category. Sean typically writes and produces everything himself.

Brown's future plans are to continue to write and record music, but he acknowledges that it is difficult when all the expenses of creating a CD come out of his own pocket.

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