The Undiscovered: Scott Kroeker

Scott Kroeker


Staying True To The Music

Packing his debut CD with almost 75 minutes of music, Canadian axeman Scott Kroeker delivers a solid knockout punch on Fata Morgana. Kroeker is all about grooves and melodies, so even though he is as technically talented as the next shredder, he focused on creating an album with a great deal of replay value. His phrasing and tone work together to achieve this goal, and his use of acoustic guitar along with (and sometimes instead of) his distorted tones allow for an even more organic feel. Almost like a thinking man's instrumental rock, and the advantage of not having lyrics (or worse, trite sound clips from movie, radio and television shows) means that each tune can occupy a personal zone in each listener's mind - a soundtrack for life. So an excellent job here, and hopefully Kroeker stays as true to the music on his next release as he does on Fata Morgana.


Scott got his first guitar at age 14, some 16+ years ago. His main influences were Metallica, Megadeth, AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses and many others. More recently his influences are Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Soilwork and Sevendust, to name a few. Scott started out on the six-string, but in 1998, acquired his first 7-string Ibanez - the UV777PBK. Since then, it has been seven strings all the way. In 1992, Scott, along with fellow guitarist Mike Neufeld, formed the hard rock band, Sound Rage. They played numerous gigs, played alongside many acts including, Judas Priest, Helix, RATT, Warrant, Fire House, Noise Therapy, L.A. Guns, and Jackyl. In late 2001 the band broke up, reunited in mid-2002, but after a few gigs decided to call it quits. It was always a goal of his to put out a solo CD, so that's when work began on Fata Morgana.

With the ultimate goal of being able to make a living playing music, Kroeker would either like to remain an independent musician, or sign with a small independent label that will allow him to keep true to his passion.

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