The Undiscovered: Scott Hughes

Scott Hughes


Blurring The Lines Between Jazz And Contemporary Rock

Scott Hughes' four-song cassette release, Guitarstuff, released in 1996 demonstrates a flair for fusion composition, blending his love for jazz with rock guitar techniques. With influences ranging from Robben Ford to Steve Vai, his music is extremely tasty, yet never predictable. Fans of Scott Henderson especially will warm up to Hughes' release immediately, because of both the upbeat style and the harmonic interplay.


Hughes got his first guitar at age 15 and learned to play by jamming along with heavy metal records. He has studied music at the University of Nebraska and most recently, at the University of Maine, where he completed his Bachelor's degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music. Hughes has played live throughout the New England area with a variety of rock and top-40 bands. Hughes credits further development as a player and a composer to his private lessons with Bob Thompson, a top studio guitarist..

One of Hughes main goals is to draw on his many influences outside of the rock idiom and assimilate them into a style of his own, stressing his uniqueness as a composer and player. Other goals include more original recordings, studio work and perhaps joining an established band. Hughes has received a great deal of joy from music, and hopes to do the same for others through his compositions.

Contact Information

Scott Hughes
36 O'Brion Street, Suite 2
Portland, ME 04101
United States