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Scott Allen Project


Returning To Instrumental Music

Recently returning to hard rock instrumental music after spending time in a pop/rock band, California guitarist Scott Allen submitted his CD-R pre-release version of an upcoming album, What Lies Beyond Words. Guitar fans will note that Allen is an impressively fluid player (attendance at Hollywood's G.I.T. probably has something to do with that), with a style marked by an incendiary sense of phrasing. Frank Hannon of Tesla produced the tracks on What Lies Beyond Words, which also features rhythm guitarist Marty Cresci, powerhouse drumming courtesy of Tom Frost and the low end work of bassist Brian Kinney. The band meshes well together, setting a fine rhythmic stage for Allen's razor-edged arsenal of licks, bends, hooks and fills. Instrumental fans will find a lot to like here, and should be looking forward to 2006 when two Scott Allen Project CDs will hit the market.


Scott began playing the guitar at the age of eleven after witnessing the incredible playing of Eddie Van Halen on a live videotape. After studying with many teachers, he finally had become something of a decent guitarist by the age of eighteen. Two years after graduating from high school, he attended the Musician's Institute G.I.T, at age twenty. There he learned to refine his chops from pros like Scott Henderson, Danny Gill, Brett Garsed and Steve Trovato. Scott moved back to his hometown of Sacramento, where he began immediately teaching guitar at Northridge Music Center. After hooking up with like-minded musicians, he started the Scott Allen Project and began gigging, opening for such national acts as: Gary Hoey, Dave Meniketti, Planet X, and Frank Hannon of Tesla. An underwhelming response to their demo led to an extended hiatus (three and a half years).

In 2004, Allen decided that it was time to return to his instrumental guitar roots. He acquired the necessary equipment to begin demos for a new Scott Allen Project album. An early 2006 re-release of What Lies Beyond Words is in the works, as is a limited West Coast tour, and the late 2006 release of the new SAP album.

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