The Undiscovered: Schugar/Schenker



Constructing New Hard Rock

Under Construction is the 2003 CD release/collaboration between Arizona guitarists Amy Schugar and Michael Schenker, and it features eight tracks in the rock and hard rock vein, with lyrics and vocal melodies by Schugar and music by Schenker. Tracks such as "Love & Danger" and "Surrender" are groove-driven and radio-ready, the latter featuring lead guitar by Schugar. Guitarist Fred Robinson contributes a lead guitar track to "All I Got", which also features a second solo by Schugar. You'll also hear many classic 'Schenkerisms' throughout the CD, kind of a cross between his work on "The Odd Trio" and some of the more recent MSG CDs. Schugar's vocals are a great fit for the material - dark-hued, emotionally charged and expressive. A compelling pairing that should yield some powerhouse results if allowed to develop even further.


For over 20 years, Amy Schugar has been developing her skills as a songwriter, arranger, singer and guitarist. Her talent is undeniable, and her energy, tenacity and never-give-up attitude have benefited many bands and collaborators in the past. She has a tremendous sense of melody and rhythm (she can hold her own on her '67 Slingerland drum kit!), and is a skilled keyboardist as well. While attending a concert of one of her favorite artists, Eric Johnson, she was noticed singing and playing guitar on the side of the stage by Michael Schenker of MSG, UFO and Scorpions fame. Michael was impressed with what he heard and saw, and Michael and Amy clicked immediately. They began their songwriting collaboration in early 2003.

Schugar is looking for label representation for her music and a place to play regularly in the Arizona area. Schugar and Rev Jones have been working on an album, reported to be heavier and more modern than the Schugar/Schenker CD.

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