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OK, do you like techno and rock guitar fused together? If not, move on to the next review. If you do, or you're not sure because you've never heard any thing like it, then you need to check out Schmange on his CD-R release PhaseIV Chronicles. Generally using hard-edged techno as a base, Schmange layers his guitar sounds (rooted in '70s and '80s rock) over the top, achieving a kind of dramatic, David Gilmour feel. In fact, if you like say, Tangerine Dream, modern sounds and Gilmour's work, you'd feel right at home. Tracks such as "MoogBoog" are more hard rock than techno, allowing for more of a guitar hero approach - thus sucking in even more guitar fans. Got to hand it to Schmange, he's doing a good job trying to appeal to a wider base here with his compositions. An 'A' for creativity as well.


Schmange's musical career began as a guitar player, touring Canada performing with the groundbreaking band Essex. For the last five years, his studio tricks and techniques have been published on the website. He currently has more than 300 advanced lessons, over half a million hits and a growing fan-base of over 100,000 signed members. Schmange's equipment list reads like the advertiser index in the back of Keyboard Magazine - he's got quite a few goodies at his disposal. Check out the Schmange web site for a complete list.

Schmange is planning a worldwide press mailing of 1000 CDs for PhaseIV Chronicles, targeting Alternative Press, Magnet,,, Billboard, fanzines and more.

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