The Undiscovered: Ryan VanOrsdel

Ryan VanOrsdel


Multi-Toned Christian Guitarist

Humility Is Beautiful features the songwriting, vocals and guitar of Maryland's Ryan VanOrsdel, who uses a large variety of tonal color on both electric and acoustic instruments to make his rock/pop statements stand out. So even if the guitar provides a primarily supporting role, you'll still be treated to heartfelt electric solos, deft acoustic rhythms, harshly distorted leads and, occasionally, grungy crunch and alternative skronk. In other words, VanOrsdel's lyrics and vocal style are what tie the album together from track to track, so he is free to use the guitar in an array of creative settings - which is not something you'd hear every day. Pick up a copy of Humility Is Beautiful if you enjoy a Christian message delivered in a non-traditional way, by an artist thinking his way through to originality.


Ryan is a twenty-two year old Christian musician playing in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area. He has been a Christian for six years. Humility Is Beautiful is his second CD, and it was recorded at Atwater Sound and Secret Sound in Maryland, then finished in Los Angeles, California at Capitol Records. Ryan is not locked in to any particular style of music, but most of it lands on the rock side. Currently he is playing songs from his record with a band called Anapra. The other members are Nate Grant (drums) and John Spiro (bass). Ryan plays guitar and sings. Jeff Martin also sometimes steps in to play (killer guitar and sound FX).

VanOrsdel hopes that fans just getting in to his original music will turn out for an upcoming show in order to be entertained.

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