The Undiscovered: Rustcycle



Guitar-Driven Electronica

Adopting the pseudonym Rustcycle, multi-instrumentalist Adrian Johnson is circulating his four song instrumental demo which highlights several tracks from
the upcoming release, "Android Guitar". The songs feature a blend of guitar with electronica ("Tonal Vision" and "Android Guitar" offering the most six-string bang for the buck), while also relying on layers of synthesized voices and other rhythmica. Heavily influenced by Trent Reznor's work melding guitars and computers, Johnson decided to put together tracks reflecting his newfound interest in the guitar - and a newly built dorm room studio. Often employing a heavily effected guitar sound, Johnson carefully adds spacey guitar solos over his highly charged industrial electronica, appealing to a new audience who can appreciate the fusion he has concocted. If you want to hear more, there is a self-released CD, "Twin Arcs" available.


Adrian began playing the viola when he was nine years old, but in high school after hearing Reznor's music, he began teaching himself guitar from tabs posted in newsgroups. At the University of Colorado, he turned his dorm room into a studio and began learning about MIDI and lead guitar. Adrian also supplemented his knowledge with music theory classes. He later posted demos on the site, earned an interview on the Apple Computer site (due to his use of Power Macs for recording, music production and web design), completed his debut CD "Twin Arcs" in 2002, and began playing live at coffee houses and university functions. Adrian is seeking a record label that would be a good fit with his style of music and the overall Rustcycle project.

Recently, Johnson learned that his track "Anti-Gravity" is a semi-finalist in the electronica competition for the 2003 Independent Music Awards. Finalists for each genre will be announced at the end of the year. There are 5 semi-finalists per genre. The judges for the 2003 IMAs include Steve Vai, Lou Reed and Mickey Hart among others.

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