The Undiscovered: Ronald Jean

Ronald Jean


Evocative, Guitar-Driven World Music

A professional musician out of Arizona, Ronald Jean has recently released his second CD, entitled Blue Serenity - La Serenidad Azul. Filled with Jean's wonderful acoustic guitar work and loaded with guest musicians and soloists such as flautist Dan Pinson, violinist Devon Bridgewater, drummer Dan Tomlinson, marimbist Paul McDermand and pianist Beth Lederman, the album covers world music territory from Brazil ("Rio Day") and Africa ("Zimbabwe (The Calling)") to Latin American ("La Lluvia Vino"). Jean cites his chordal work and his chord melodies as his strong points, however his soloing is also quite impressive over the ten instrumentals. A dynamic and polished production, the CD was co-produced by Jean and Ken Mary and should hold strong appeal for fans of world music and the work of Acoustic Alchemy and Ottmar Liebert. Mix a pitcher of margaritas and prepare for an afternoon in the sun with Blue Serenity - La Serenidad Azul. Highly recommended.


Ronald is a self-taught musician, who has picked up a number of ideas from other players as well as creating ideas from his own musical vocabulary. He currently makes his living as a background guitarist. Ronald has been a local favorite in the Arizona Valley for many years, so he is attempting to expand his audience worldwide through the Internet. Although Ronald's music is inviting upon first listening, it also has an uncanny growth that seems to enchant and pull the audiences in. He has repeatedly been told, "Your music is relaxing and uplifting". Ronald's goal is simply to provide listening enjoyment. His first CD was melody based and was entitled "First Flight".

In the future, Jean would like to study film scoring and find a way to distribute his recordings in other countries. He also plans to continue to write new music.

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