The Undiscovered: Ron Bowman

Ron Bowman


Folk And Rock 'N' Roll With A Country Flavor

Ron Bowman is a musician and songwriter from northwest Florida, who has recently released r.e.b., his first solo CD. A very diverse record indeed is r.e.b., with songs ranging from the Dire Straits-like groove of "Virgin Of Love", with its searing, overdriven guitar solo, to the loose, bluesy feel of "Hard Love", featuring plenty of chicken-fried slide guitar work. Bowman even tries his hand at traditional country with "I Love You More Than I Love My Truck". A total of four guitarists contributed to r.e.b., Bowman (who also handled bass, piano, keyboards and vocals), Steve Gardner, Shawn Curle, amd P-Nut Small.


Ron was the lead vocalist of the popular Pensacola-based, 60's band called The Dickens. His musical roots can be found in the early British invasion (Hollies, etc.) as well as the once-thriving R&B scene of the South. Based in Los Angeles during the 70's, Ron explored many musical avenues including a stint in the controversial band known as The Alleycats. Ron even spent some time playing John Lennon in the Broadway musical, "Beatlemania", before returning to Florida in the 80's.

Bowman maintains a presence on the Internet, and his site contains a sneak preview of Bowman's latest single "Information Overload", as well as sound clips from other songs found on the r.e.b. CD.

Contact Information

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8224 Rynes Circle
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