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Featuring Albert Lee

You must be careful when reading the German band the Rolling Drunks' CD title - read it several times just to make sure it doesn't say what you think it might say, but really doesn't (especially considering drunks recorded it). Their CD, entitled Pukka Blokes, really does feature Albert Lee, who lends his incredible lead guitar work to the first four tracks. Thomas Weick provides lead guitar on the remaining tracks, all of which were written with acoustic instruments in mind, which gives the album a great "unplugged" feel. Even if you're not ripping drunk, rolling drunk, or somewhere in between, you can appreciate the wonderful musicianship on this album. It's a rock CD done purposefully with acoustic instruments, and it's an infectious slice of musical steak - have yours "well done".


Founded in 1991 in Wheatley, England, the Rolling Drunks are one of the last authentic rock 'n' roll bands touring both in Germany and in England since then. Playing only their own original songs, they are known as a line-up enthusing the audience with their power. In particular, lead guitarist Thomas Weick (co-founder of the prog rock band, The Formula), is one of the best and most versatile lead guitarists in Germany. Their connection to Albert Lee came about after supporting Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes at a few venues while they toured Germany. This classy, true English gentleman and music addict did not hesitate when asked to ennoble their CD with his unique and genuine guitar style.

Pukka Blokes is the Rolling Drunks seventh album, and most of the songs and lyrics on the album are about traveling. The band enthusiastically adds, "Cheers for riding with us!"

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