The Undiscovered: Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves


Brazilian Guitarist Offers Eclectic Instrumentals

Offering an eclectic sequence of instrumental themes which focus on melody and harmony, Brazilian guitarist Rodrigo Alves' debut CD is entitled Suddenly. All instrumental except for the vocal number "Another Night Gets Longer", the CD features a great deal of lyrical soloing throughout the twelve tracks - a major and significant aspect of Alves' style. A gifted player, Alves can express moods and emotions with relative ease - he combines technique and tonal variety to set a variety of aural scenes. Also noteworthy on the recording is the sax work of Jose Simonian, particularly on "Emotions Overflow". Recorded with a full band after two months of rehearsal, the quintet of artists on Suddenly deliver music that sustains the soul and excites the consciousness.


Focusing on original songs since first picking up the guitar, Rodrigo wrote his first instrumental songs in 1990, producing demos, and by 1994 had produced his first official demo tape, entitled "Souvenir". The tape attracted the attention of the Brazilian edition of Guitar Player magazine, as Rodrigo was featured in their "Spotlight" column. In addition to recording his first solo CD after moving to Sao Paulo in 1997, he built his own recording studio (R.A. Studio) in 1999, and is currently working on new material for his second CD, tentatively entitled "Portraits".

Alves intends to keep working as an independent artist, as well as producing bands and artists in his studio. Musically, he continues to strive to create his own sound and his own signature in his compositions.

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