The Undiscovered: Robert Hansson

Robert Hansson


Swedish Rocker Aims For CD Release

Robert Hansson, a guitarist from Gothenburg, Sweden, submitted his two-song instrumental demo CD-R, featuring heavy rock tracks with pulverizing rhythm guitar work, well-turned hooks and sinewy improvisations. Both tracks were recorded in Hansson's "closet" home studio with a drum machine, and could be called, in his words, "riff-a-swing-rock". The first track is called "Miss Molly", which is dedicated to his three-month-old daughter. A number of high tech, guitaristic elements are highlighted in the brief (under two minute) composiiton - whammy bar dives, legato lines and speed picking to name a few, held together with a thematic foundation. The second cut, "Evilution" is named after the terrible care animals used for food are receiving from the meat industry. The spotlight here is on slide riffs and harmony lines. Teaming with a heavyweight drummer in the Gothenburg area would be the next logical step for Mr. Hansson.


Robert has been playing guitar for over 20 years, and is currently 35 years of age. His initial inspiration was Gene Simmons in KISS, and now counts as influences such artists as Jeff Kollman, Steve Stevens, Doug Aldrich and Eric Johnson. Robert has spent his time playing with local rock bands, and has recorded loads of instrumental demos in his home studio. He is all about playing from the heart, and not for any reason other than to release the creativity of his soul. Robert strives to keep the music heavy, but always putting the melody first. His gear includes Washburn and Ibanez guitars, Line 6 amps and SIT strings.

Hansson has a dream of someday releasing an all-instrumental guitar album in his own name, in order to reach a broader audience.

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