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Rob Favotto


Instrumental E.P. From Down Under

Australian guitarist Rob Favotto has produced an E.P. length CD-R entitled The Nine Planets, which features five songs in the instrumental rock vein. The opening title track features rock elements with orchestral dynamics, with clean chordal rhythm passages and distorted lead themes. This eight-minute piece also has seventeen changes in all, powerful and dynamic sections with a grand orchestral style climax. The remaining four tracks on the E.P. are, stylistically, extremely varied, with a journey into ocean ambience ("Deep Blue Sea"), acoustic forays ("Springtime") and even an Oriental rock song.


Favotto has had his demo E.P. reviewed in the June, 2000 issue of the English publication Guitarist. Like most young guitarists, Favotto has a good command of his instrument (harmonics, tapping, legato playing, etc.), but probably needs to write and record a lot more material in order to establish a signature style and sound. The sustained guitar notes tend to drift out of tune in spots, which is common on demo quality recordings. Favotto has a lot of good ideas, so it's just a matter of continuing to work on his overall presentation so that he can eventually find his own fan base.

Favotto currently hopes to establish himself as a musician and release his E.P. through a label that is interested in the music.

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