The Undiscovered: Rob Dwiar

Rob Dwiar


Arpeggiation Creation

Rob Dwiar's demo CD-R is an all acoustic, instrumental collection of eleven tracks featuring just him and his guitar (and effects) - and the result is called A Creation. Heavy on the arpeggios, Dwiar has a penchant for creating tunes that are relaxing, ambient and easy on the ear. Effects used include chorus, delay and reverb, and the whole collection was recorded in his bedroom, using simple, off the shelf software. Dwiar is able to accomplish this even though both of his hands have deformities, and in fact, his left hand has no index finger to speak of. More experience with his recording software should enable him to improve his overall production, and create an even more compelling listener experience.


Rob is 18 years old and has had a passion for music since he took up the trombone at the age of 8. He started on guitar about 7 years ago, and has only recently begun to write music. It wasn't until mid-June of 2006 that Rob started becoming more devoted to the guitar as he became properly aware of acoustic players such as Trace Bundy and Tommy Emmanuel. Hearing and watching them inspired him to try and record some of his own ideas. However, to personalize his sound, Rob decided to add a couple of effects to make the sound fuller and give each note some longevity - and he hopes that this might become a distinguishing feature. "A Creation" was the first track that he completed, and positive feedback from family and friends gave him the inspiration to continue to record.

Dwiar hopes to get his music into the hands of various record labels, promoting it more, and getting feedback from people in the music industry. He continues to write music with the goal of someday producing a CD.

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