The Undiscovered: Rick Ray

Rick Ray


Busy Guitarist Keeps The Releases Coming

Self-described as 'progressive music with intensity', Rick Ray's latest CD-R release Cast Into Our Dimension features sixteen tracks with Ray handling guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion and RX8, and Rick Schultz on electric clarinet. Called by James Bickers of Progression magazine as "...on par with the best rock guitarists working today," Ray can fly on the fretboard. The tracks on the CD will appeal to die-hard progressive fans who are looking for something beyond the usual prog offerings. Ray is a very busy guitarist; he has appeared on thirteen releases just over the past two years.


Rick originally got interested in music at the age of four when he saw the Beatles play on the Ed Sullivan show, which had a profound effect on him. Rick is not trying to achieve anything, but is simply trying to make his music available, and if someone likes it, great, if they don't, great.

Ray's future plans are to continue what he is doing now.

Contact Information

Rick Ray
C/O Neurosis Records
20301 Ball Ave.
Euclid, OH 44123
United States