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Richard Jessee Project


Pressing Musical Boundaries

Storming out of Blacksburg, Virginia is the Richard Jessee Project, a trio featuring guitarist Richard Jessee, bassist Cameron McLaughlin and drummer Janiah Allen. They submitted their nine-song instrumental CD-R release entitled Attack Of The Killer Ringworm. If you don't know from ringworms, don't worry, as long as you are familiar with high-tech, virtuoso guitar playing, you are all set to enjoy the Project's music. Odd time signatures and intense technical precision highlight the band's tracks as they press musical boundaries in order to create an outrageous listening experience. They blend genres like Starbucks blends coffee beans - melding classical, hard rock, progressive and jazz grooves into a cohesive sound shock. Jessee is an awesome player, and from the buzz surrounding the band, the live show is not to be missed. Highly recommended.


Playing lead guitar with unbelievable style and true technique, Richard Jessee has devoted over twenty years to mastering and perfecting his art. A nationally known guitar player, Richard studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and received private instruction at the Birmingham School of Fine Arts. Richard has also studied with music industry greats including Larry Sinabaldi, who taught Al DiMeola. Richard has been featured in nationally distributed instructional videos and appeared on numerous albums. He is also a regular session player and has recorded multiple solo albums. Reviewers have raved about his "frightening skill," "un-nerving diversity," and "doses of brilliance."
The Richard Jessee Project is currently in the studio recording new tracks for the next CD entitled "Hot Gobblin Port Cheese Breakfast".

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