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Mindstorming Brothers In Arms

Reversion is a progressive metal act from Helsinki, Finland, who submitted their two-song demo CD-R. Known for their wild and furious notes, they are spearheaded by the fleet fingered guitarist Samuli Federley, who has an aggressive and agile solo style just right for this style of music. "Immortalized" kicks off the demo, and is a six-minute tour-de-force for the whole band, which included vocalist Aleksi Parviainen, drummer Toni Paananen, bassist Jaakko Nikko and keyboardist Jonne Jauhiainen. If the music wasn't good they could brag about having the best names, but the music is good - and the second track, "Hurt", shows off their versatility. More multi-layered, complex, and intricate than the previous track, it shows sides that many metal bands dare not show. One listen and you'll understand.


The first seeds of Reversion were sown back in 2004, and the first seven burning songs were demoed in the fall of 2005. Then, after a merciless rehearsal period during the spring and summer of 2006, the second demo was recorded and sent to various record companies in Finland. The demo garnered interest from numerous record labels and publications. But at the end of 2006, not having been signed, Reversion booked a studio to begin recording the next demo in January of 2007. Reversion is now focused to get the best possible record deal to support them and spread their complex, yet catchy rhythms and melodies throughout the nation. The plan is to record their debut CD and tour as much as possible.

Reversion's long-term goal is to record multiple albums and keep on doing the sweaty and hectic shows that the members of the band were born to do. No simple project band, Reversion is about true musicianship and dedication, and there is nothing that can stand in their way.

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