The Undiscovered: Red Planet

Red Planet


Stoner Rock EP From England

Red Planet, a stoner rock band based in Brighton, England has released a three song EP cassette featuring tracks ranging from the stoner to the hardcore. Their brand of stoner music is low and heavy but not aggressive. "Maximum Swordfish" features the two guitarists in the group, Michael Ward and Marek Pugh, Ward handling the low end of the sonic spectrum and Pugh playing his Ibanex through a Marshall to provide the high end. "No Smoking" is great for days when nothing is going right with its "I hate everyone, I hate everything" chorus. "Ape Disco" takes you for a slightly hardcore ride aboard, well...the ape disco. Ward uses feedback, harmonics and plucked notes throughout to compliment the sludgy effect of the rhythm guitar.


Featuring Michael and Marek on guitar, Dominic Lawson on vocals, Aleksander Polanski on bass and Davar Ali Ahmed on drums, the band was formed officially in August of 1998, after Michael and Marek met at a Fu Manchu show in June of that same year and decided to organize the various band members. All the members of the band have been around on the stoner/hardcore scene on the South Coast of England for some years. Marek and Aleks were once in a band called Forest, a stoner doom band formed in 1995.

Red Planet hopes to continue writing, playing and recording their heavy and groovy style of music, aiming for an easy-to-listen-to sound which is not harsh on the ears.

Contact Information

Address withheld on band's request
United Kingdom