The Undiscovered: Raymond DiGiorgio Group

Raymond DiGiorgio Group


Satriani-Inspired Instrumental Rock

Left-handed San Diego guitarist Raymond DiGiorgio submitted his ten song instrumental demo CD-R The Best Of RDG Vol. II, and the music consists of 5 electric studio tracks, 1 acoustic studio track and 4 live tracks. The music is billed as 'guitar based funk/rock/blues/jazz/organic music', but by and large the music is hard rock, with debts of inspiration owed to influences such as Joe Satriani, George Lynch and Eddie Van Halen. Not much blues, funk or jazz make an aural appearance, but that's OK, the music rocks hard (although the energy level is way up on the live tracks compared to the studio demos, due to the live drums, as opposed to the repeating drum machine patterns found on the studio tracks). A highlight melodically might be "Left Of Center", which shows off DiGiorgio's abilities while also making it interesting for the listener. Some of the other studio tracks could have stronger themes; some suffer from 'solo-itis' (basically using a slow solo instead of a developed melodic theme for the verse/chorus sections). The live numbers are all wickedly fun, with plenty of extended soloing. With determination and tenacity, DiGiorgio is headed on the right track for future success.


It all began when Raymond picked up the guitar the wrong way! Upside down and backwards he played for almost four years before he was clued in to turn the strings around. Having played in cover bands since age 16, Raymond has played just about every format out there. From rock, pop, metal, funk, bluegrass, jazz and blues, Raymond has at some point in time played it. As a means of experimenting and advancing his playing ability, Raymond began to write instrumental material, inspired by artist such as Joe Satriani and Gary Hoey. As technology progressed, so did his playing. With his home computer, some great multi-track software, and a corner slot in his living room, Raymond's "home studio" had arrived! The bulk of the material found on his web site was performed and recorded by Raymond in the corner of his living room! The days of the living room corner slot has since moved to Raymond's garage, and the birth of Baby Ray Productions emerged. Nothing found online at is a polished or finished product. All of Raymond's songs are works in progress.

In addition to promoting and selling his music through DiGiorgio is playing live as much as possible to showcase his work.

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