The Undiscovered: Rai Ilander

Rai Ilander


Instrumental Guitarist Seeks Record Deal

From Spain (via Finland) comes Rai Ilander, who is shopping his four song demo CD-R, featuring metal and hard rock material recorded in his new private studio. Completely self produced, the demo offers drum machine and simple bass backing tracks, along with double tracked guitars -- generally a single rhythm track with melody guitar and intense, shred style soloing in the breaks. Ilander has all the high speed licks you'd ever want, and he favors the frequent use of sweep picking. The third song on the demo, "North Star", features a number of harmony guitar parts, blazing leads, and is the standout track of the collection. As might be expected, each track features plenty of improvised leads and ripped-out metallic fret runs. Ilander's material will benefit greatly with better production and the experience that comes from writing and recording over a period of years.


Rai was born in Finland and currently resides in Fuengirola, Spain. Other details about his playing history, influences, awards, and other information were not available.

Ilander is currently shopping his CD-R demo, hoping that a label will find it interesting enough to offer him a record deal. He is also interested in any kind of work as a guitarist.

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Rai Ilander