The Undiscovered: The Process

The Process


Aggressive Reggae Rock

How often to you get the chance to hear blazing guitar solos in reggae-based music? Like, never, man? Well if you want to hear what it sounds like, check out guitarist Garrick Owen's work on Blood And Bones with the aggressive reggae rock group The Process. The group melds the member's varied influences into something you've probably not heard before, and the icing on the cake is that Owen gets to cut loose whenever the spirit strikes - and strike it must! It's been described as 'music for dreadbangers', which is a pretty accurate way to sum up Blood And Bones. Offsetting the normally clean sounding, reggae-influenced rhythms with distortion-drenched guitar solos is a real trip - if you're ready to travel a lot of musical ground on one 33 minute album, check out Blood And Bones.


The raging existence of The Process began brewing in 1990 by co-founders David Asher (vocals) and Garrick Owen (guitar), school pals looking to harness and channel their immense creativity and yearning for a just and peaceful world. Soon after the group's inception, Bill Heffelfinger (bassist and programmer), added his extraordinary arranging skills. The newest member is P-Funk All-Star Gabe Gonzalez who brings his amazing drum assault to the band. Guitarist Owen began playing guitar at the age of 13 inspired by Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton, Rush, and many European metal groups, and later studied classical guitar in college.

With international Internet distribution and swelling radio support around the world, the band is gaining attention and praise from fans and media alike. The Process continues to fuel the fire of musical awakening already spreading around the world!

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