The Undiscovered: Prajna



Dynamic Heavy Progressive

Featuring a lineup of Jay Petruccelli (lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar), Corey Romeo (electric/acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals), Michael Arvanitakis (electric/double bass, vocals), and Avi Kenny (drums), the Australian group Prajna submitted their EP-length self-titled CD. Three tracks, totaling just over nineteen minutes - just enough to get a taste of the group's progressive psychedelic rock, which includes elements of Celtic and other world genres. Romeo's rhythm backing has a grinding, heavy tone throughout the tracks, which is balanced off by acoustic guitar in many cases, making for a dynamic sonic blend. Petruccelli is a very good vocalist as well, and the musicianship is at a high level throughout, but for guitar fans looking for extended solos, you won't find them here. There's a lot of guitar sound though, as rhythm, texture, color and highlight. Progressive music fans need to pay attention as Prajna tracks more material in the future.


Prajna are an Australian band based in Melbourne, Victoria and have been playing the live music venues and festivals for a number of years. All members of the group have studied music and have credited diplomas - which is actually how the band members met and began playing music together. Their music style has been compared to progressive rock bands such as Tool, Perfect Circle, Black Sabbath, etc. As the band states, "We have been playing for a long time in Australia, and have touched many people with our music, however Australia is small and we really need to see how this massive world receives and takes our music. We would love to travel Europe and the United States in 2007 and play festivals and popular live music venues, in order to get a feel for the world's view about the Prajna experience."

Prajna are trying to achieve popularity around the world and will work hard as a live group to ensure that success into a global success.

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