The Undiscovered: Plastron



Kick Axe Outerspace Rock

If you artificially, temporarily and safely lower your testosterone levels, you may be able to make it past the photos of gorgeous lead singer (Lori Geib, AKA Lil), actually open the CD and play the music - then you'll be treated to the kick axe outerspace rock sounds of Plastron, on their second release Enchanted Evening, on the Master Beta label. Based in the great state of Pennsylvania, guitarist Rich Carter and bassist Geoff Pawlikowsko keep the alt-radio-friendly music guitar-driven, although bereft of solos. Tracks such as "Blast" offer unquenchable surf energy and '60s sitcom style breaks. "El Gato" will leave you begging at Lil's scratching post, while "Electric Box" gives the twistedly imaginative listener plenty to 'grapple with'. "Rocktopus" is an ear-bending tune that serves as ideal foreplay before you "Blast" your "Pinazz" some "Enchanted Evening". This is an unpredictably fun band... now, back to Lil...


Lead guitarist Rich Carter has been playing clubs and venues in various styles of original bands for 15 years. He's played for audiences ranging from thousands to just five people (including the bartender). Rich relates, "I think my musical/guitar style evolved around the concept of always trying to win over a new audience that has never heard us before and most likely could care less. To win over a crowd in a completely jaded NYC club to really need to offer something different and give it at least 110%. When writing I unintentionally keep a live audience in mind, and audience that stays focused on the music and not drifting off to the bar mid-song. I try to keep things interesting and evolving - each song is a short musical story with an intro, a plot, and maybe a big grand finale!"

Check out the photo gallery at Plastron's web site for more of Lil, who does more for the Girl Scouts than Tagalongs and Thin Mints ever did (oh, to be a Plastron). Plaston continues to surprise and gain new fans with every encounter.

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