The Undiscovered: Planet 13

Planet 13


Progressive, Hard & Melodic

Flashback to the '70s. Call a progressive college radio station and request "Time" by Pink Floyd. Hear the DJ comment, "This goes out to the dude who likes the long songs." Well Planet 13 like the long songs. There are six tracks on their CD, Third From The Right, and three of the songs clock in at over 14 minutes apiece. Consisting of throat man/keyboardist/guitarist Ray Zarate and guitarist/drummer/producer Lance Benedict, the band pumps out a power substation's worth of raw energy, delivered with technical dexterity and an attitude fueled by the apparent decline of western civilization. The coherent style that stays consistent from track to track, along with arrangements reminiscent of groups such as Queensryche, Rush and Dream Theater make this CD a good find for progressive metal fans. Benedict's tasteful solo forays, such as the extended solo heard on "Eyes Of Deception", and the fireworks on "The Quest", are an added bonus. Hey, there's even a Carpenter's cover song, "Superstar".


Guitarist Ray Zarate taught himself to play guitar and bass in 1973, and immediately started to write songs. He joined a few bands as a youth and as an adult, including Blue Moon, Eclipse, Energize, Soleil Rouge, The Kidz, Teasia and Emperor. He met drummer Lance Benedict in 1987, and has been with him ever since. Ray recorded his first solo album in 1998, entitled "Razor's Edge", and then officially formed Planet 13 with Lance in 2002. Their debut CD, "Planet Thirteen" was released in 2004, then followed up with "One Way Ticket" in 2005. Ray lists many influences and favorite bands, including Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rush, Dream Theater, Journey, U2, Kansas, Yes, Deep Purple, Audioslave, UFO, Michael Schenker, and on and on.

Planet 13 is currently seeking label support and/or distribution. The band is interested in any and all comments and help to take their music to the next level.

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