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Philip Gayle


Off-The-Scale Experimental Acoustic

You know that scale that reviewers use to help determine how experimental and otherworldly a recording is? Well Hud Pes by Texas guitarist Philip Gayle broke the scale. For the first three minutes the meter was pinned to the 'red', before it finally shattered into a thousand small fragments. Imagine a double CD release featuring three(!) songs, "Available Jones" (12:36), Sick Bones (24:14) and the mammoth "OK" (77:53), which features the telephone ringing and the pizza guy knocking at the door, in addition to Philip Galye's acosutic guitar and Richard Cholakian's percussion. Gayle's fourth CD is totally improvisational, and the pair explore bent themes with an Oriental flavor, while Gayle uses a collection of 4-, 6- and 12-string guitars to deliver his swirling, exotic explorations into the foundation of sound. You'll have a ball listening to each cut in a dark room, straining to try to figure out exactly how Gayle can possibly be getting the current aural result you're hearing. Do not administer this CD to anyone who is heavily medicated or undergoing undue emotional pressures. Feel free to experience when you have your act together.


Philip has been playing guitar for more than 20 years. As a child, he would endeavor to coax strange and scary noises from the family piano. Philip received a great deal of musical inspiration and knowledge when he lived in Japan for seven years after high school, and later began exploring avant garde music in 1991. In addtion to playing his own material, Philip also played with a number of Houston area bands, including The Texas Guiness Lovers. He has released a number of recordings, including "Keguribap", "Pnbna", "Moeru Mizu" (with Kato Yuko), "Solo Live '98" and "Mommy Roe", in addition to Hud Pes.

Gayle plans to split his time between the United States and Japan, and continue to do his music, no matter what. He just can't not do it.

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