The Undiscovered: Phil Herbert

Phil Herbert


Rock-Fusion, Country-Jazz

Calling his music melodic rock fusion country jazz, UK axeman Phil Herbert submitted a twelve-song CD-R entitled Express Yourself. All the various style categorizations Herbert has chosen are really there to describe the variety of instrumental tunes he has put together on his album, as he states, "There is so much to explore on this God-inspired instrument, and just to stick to one style, in my opinion, is not good for musical growth." The tracks demonstrate a wide range of production quality - perhaps they were recorded over a longer period of time, but Herbert is certainly a gifted player who has absorbed a good deal of Satriani influence, and can really make an instrumental rock track sing. Perhaps on a full length album release he can focus a bit more - going with his stylistic favorites or strengths, but Express Yourself is an entertaining listen, and a good introduction to the work of Phil Herbert.


Born in Shrewsbury, UK in 1968, Phil started playing guitar in 1979, and he's had no formal guitar training other than his first chords and scales. After many hours of practice and dedication, in 1994 he placed in the Guitarist of the Year competition, playing live on stage with top session players such as Charlie Morgan, Felix Krish and Hugh Burns. In 1996 he placed in another Guitarist of the Year contest - second place. Then in 2000, he placed in yet another Guitarist of the Year competition, taking second place again. Phil names major influences such as Brian May, Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani. Artists such as these were the building blocks for the style and skill he brings to the table today.

Herbert's CD-R release can be purchased from his web site.

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