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Smack The Monkey

Pennenga is Firegate recording artist Dennis Pennenga, a Dutch musician/singer from Long Island, New York. Kind of a rock and pop mix can be heard on his submitted thirteen song CD-R, entitled Imagine. His bio states that Pennenga was the lead guitarist in the band Odyssey, which doesn't account for the lack of lead guitar playing on the album. The listener has to settle for a lot of strumming here; some of that lead guitar fire from the 1970s perhaps should have been worked into the mix to draw in guitar fans. Clearly another audience is the target for his tunes nowadays. Some of the songs are reminiscent of Raffi sing-a-longs, so perhaps the market is the monkey smackin', post-nursery, pre-middle school set, who love a beat box fronted by a strummin' gee-tar.


Although Dennis has been in many rock groups, he prefers to play all the instruments himself. He layers electronic drums with bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboards to create melodic rock and new age music. His unique style blends elements of folk, jazz, reggae, rock and pop. Something for everybody. His instrumental album, "Close Your Eyes" finds Pennenga transporting you to another time and place through exotic sounds. Dennis performed as lead guitarist for Odyssey who recorded for Organic Records in the seventies. He opened for Peter Yarrow in Central Park and had his own Cablevision show on Channel 6 for over a year.
Dennis has six CD's to his credit on which he plays all the instruments and sings all the harmonies. He is available to play acoustic guitar and sing, or play to tapes he created.

Pennenga is striving for radio airplay, but to him, it is just as important to get feedback on his music. It's up to you Undiscovered readers - feedback away!

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