The Undiscovered: Paul Wood

Paul Wood


Makin' The Blues His Business

Fans of the vocal style of Stevie Ray Vaughan and the guitar talents of Pat Travers, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy will get a kick out of Paul Wood's latest CD, Blues Is My Business. Produced by Jack Holder, who has produced/recorded artists such as Guy, Albert King and Jonny Lang among others, the album features ten tracks of guitar-laden blues and Wood's smoky, expressive, road-tested vocals. Delivering his lines with a penetrating guitar tone, cuts such as "She Don't Play By The Rules" and the title track represent music that will get you off the couch - playing air guitar and virtual wah-wah. Recorded two years after his debut album "Bridgeburner", Blues Is My Business will expand Wood's audience many-fold, as blues/rock enthusiasts discover Wood's strengths - songs that roll righteously on rock solid rhythms, and a guitar style marked by searing licks balanced with a tasteful sense of phrasing, Great job.


Born and raised in Oakland, California, Paul started playing guitar at the age of eleven. Initially inspired by George Harrison, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Mike Bloomfield, he soon journeyed into the roots of his heroes, where he discovered John Lee Hooker, Elmore James and Muddy Waters. On his 20th birthday he found himself in the studio with Hooker and Van Morrison, and later spent two years on the road with Hooker's band, recording three albums in the process. Paul also performed with his own bands in the Bay Area, rode the blues circuit in Europe, and eventually relocated to Memphis. His self-produced tribute album, "Bridgeburner", was recorded in 1999.

Look for Paul Wood playing in a venue near you during his Blues Is My Business tour; you'll kick yourself if you miss this future guitar legend in action... on his way to the top.

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