The Undiscovered: Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson


Veteran Guitarist Goes Instrumental

Paul Nelson, a guitarist who has done dates with dozens of national acts as a sideman and touring guitarist, submitted a five song promotional CD-R of his new, all-instrumental release, entitled Look. Documenting his command of several styles, including rock/metal ("Full Blast"), blues ("Rocking Chair") and fusion ("Complicated"), the CD-R exudes boundless energy, and displays some ferocious solo sections. Nelson has control over the emotional side of his playing as well, with a tasteful melodic sense coming through on each cut. Hopefully, Nelson will have even more time in the future to compose and record more original material like that found on Look. This guy's got something to say with his axe!


Paul grew up at a time when guitar was the instrument of choice. While attending Berklee College of Music, he became one of Steve Vai's first guitar students. Soon after he joined the band Liege Lord who then signed with Metal Blade Records. Paul co wrote and performed on two of the band's most popular classic power metal albums. He has been in literally hundreds of magazines and on radio stations world wide, some of the most notable being Billboard, BBC, Circus, RIP, Kerrang, Rock Hard, RRN, and Scream. Paul has written guitar instructional columns for several nationally syndicated magazines. Being able to play such a broad variety of styles, Paul still continues to record and tour with many national acts.

Plans are being made for a possible reformation of Liege Lord at the Wacken Open Air festival in Hamburg, Germany this August where a crowd of over 20,000 will be able to see Paul in action along with his fellow band mates once more.

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