The Undiscovered: Paul Hosford

Paul Hosford


Emerging From Hiatus With Jazz Standards

Paul Hosford's CD of instrumental jazz standards, Emergence, represents the Nebraska guitarist's "emergence" from playing only for family and friends to sharing his music with others. The songs begin with Hosford playing solo guitar, but on later tracks you'll hear string bass, flute, cello and even his father, Frank, on piano ("Green Dolphin Street"). Hosford's command of the fretboard is clearly evident, and his creative arrangements lead to a 'hearing-it-again-for-the-first-time' feeling. There are chord melodies aplenty, as Hosford makes deft single note line connections seem almost effortless. Highlights on the CD include "Rainy Day", "Green Dolphin Street", "Take Five" and his unique treatment of the classic "Over The Rainbow", which kicks off the album. Sincerity of expression - it's a good way to describe Hosford's recording efforts on Emergence.


Paul began taking piano lessons at age 6, and was introduced to a four string guitar by his father when he was 10. While his first musical interest was in country and folk, he soon discovered jazz. Paul acquired a six-string guitar at age 13 and began experimenting with recording shortly afterwards with an old reel-to-reel machine. He put together a small home studio and recorded four albums of original music. Paul stopped playing guitar when he and wife started their family, but after a five-year hiatus, he proceeded to start practicing again. Emergence was the result of his initial work, and Paul has recently started his own label, Painted Heart Music, to market his and his friends' music.

Hosford is currently working on a number of projects, including another jazz album with his father, featuring both standards and originals. He hopes to continue working on unique projects in his home studio and to share them from his web site.

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