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Paul Bibbins


Solo Artist Does It All

New Orleans guitarist Paul Bibbins does it all on his one-man band, rock/blues release Songs From The Index Of Fools, which features Bibbins on Strat/Marshall, vocals, and programmed rhythm (consult his web site for the trials and tribulations of trying to keep his trio together). Bibbins favors an up-front, in-your-face vocal style on his recording, and creates his personal wall-of-sound by borrowing the simultaneous lead/rhythm technique made popular by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Energy, energy, energy - if you run through Songs From The Index Of Fools, you'll be blasted by the energetic projections pumped through your sound system. Bibbins probably still needs to find bandmates in order to do his material live, and perhaps the collaborations that ensue can result in a rockin' second release.


Paul was born in a small town in Missouri, but New Orleans, Louisiana has been his home since he was a small kid. He bought his first guitar, which was a cheap electric guitar, and dove into teaching himself how to play. Influenced by a poster of Jimi Hendrix, Paul bought a right-handed Stratocaster, flipped it over to left-handed, and has been playing guitar left-handed ever since (he's a natural righty). That was 30 long years ago. Over the years Paul has alternated between taking music slightly seriously and at other times just flat out goofing off with it. About five or six years ago he started really learning the songs of his heroes such as Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Robert Cray and through learning their lead guitar licks and rhythm playing, the passion and power started creeping into his lead and rhythm guitar playing as well.

Bibbins is currently self-promoting his CD through various web sites and stores, pursuing radio airplay, maintaining his own web site, and doing infrequent live gigs in the New Orleans area.

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