The Undiscovered: Patrik Carlsson

Patrik Carlsson


Swedish Instrumental Axe Man

FigStamper '02 is a demo CD-R being circulated by Swedish guitarist Patrik Carlsson, and features thirteen high energy, rock and hard rock instrumental tracks. Many of his demos have a cool, Steve Vai type of feel to them, notably "Wipeout", which features wah-wah riffage, heavy shred, and overall intense/terrifying guitar work. Carlsson's slower tracks, such as "Still Believe", are rhythmically interesting and creatively melodic, delivered with an in-your-face guitar sound. "High Pitch" starts out with an unaccompanied 45 second guitar solo, before it kicks in with funked up, hard rockin' rhythmic fury. Carlsson probably only needs to hook up with like-minded musicians in his area that can really help him take his already impressive demo to the next level.


Patrik is from Norrkoping, Sweden, and recorded his demo all by himself, playing every instrument on the CD-R. He has a background as a music consultant and a music teacher, with an emphasis on guitar. Patrik never before attempted to send out his original music to different record labels or magazines, because he thought no one would care about his music. He is hoping someone will be interested in his music, since in Sweden, it is necessary to look like Britney Spears in order to get a recording contract.

Carlsson is also hoping to get suggestions on where he can send his music and potentially reach a larger audience. Currently, he has no contract with any record label or guitar manufacturer.

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