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Rock Fusionist Promotes Latest Demo

Guitarist Patrick Vega's latest demo CD-R is entitled Chromazone, and features three instrumentals which could be described as rock/jazz fusion. The tracks feature Vega on guitar, Jay Haser on bass and Ricci Riccardi on skins. "Devils Of Loudun" is a rhythmic piece with angular playing, a number of varied guitar tones/textures, an inviting groove and jazzy flourishes. "Just Because You Can't" features a slow, overdriven melody line augmented by slightly off-kilter single-note passages and the occasional burst of fiery speed. The closer, "A Little Hello From The Insane", is the most technically impressive track, and offers squalling, jagged lines injected with a bit of funk and a bit of bop. The bass work closely follows the guitar here, as the trio bump up the energy level just as the high-tech, Pentium-speed solo kicks in. Chromazone is a very brief but interesting introduction to the guitar stylings of Patrick Vega, who should consider lengthening and stretching his compositions somewhat, and perhaps put together a full CD's worth of tracks.


Beginning on flute and clarinet, Patrick started to play the guitar at age 14 in 1990. The guitar quickly turned into an obsession, as he began practicing eight hours a day. Growing up in Austria, he appreciated being taught and influenced at annual summer workshops by such greats as David Gilmore and the Herbie Hancock rhythm section. In early 2000, Patrick moved to Los Angeles to attend a full time music school. One year later he graduated with honors from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California. Six months of study at school followed, and Patrick took his time to practice, compose and perform his original material. He has since recorded several demo CDs.

Vega is currently promoting his most recent demo, while working on new songs as well as on a picking instructional book. He is also aggressively looking to join a professional band in the Los Angeles area.

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