The Undiscovered: Patrick Stilwell

Patrick Stilwell


Blues, Rock and Country Mix

Patrick Stilwell has recently released his debut CD, a stylistic stew of funky blues, retro rock, pop and acoustic country, entitled Kaleidoscope. Assisted by his live band, the Cyclones, the recording features 10 tracks of Stilwell's guitar playing and vocals. The CD is loaded with meat-and-potatoes 6-string work, Stilwell allowing room for smooth, singing solos which lean heavily on the blues more often than not. The song "Without Your Love" reminds the listener of a warmer sounding Cream or early Allman Brothers release, with a propulsive slide guitar break. Kaleidoscope will certainly gain Stilwell some new fans and help draw more attention to the Cyclone's live performances.


Pat grew up in southern Maryland, but didn't begin studying the guitar until he moved to Portland in 1981. In 1986, he moved to Seattle and fell in with the local blues scene. Pat started a group, the Cyclones, and began writing tunes featuring elements of blues, rock, country and pop. He cites as influences such heavyweights as Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton, Link Wray, The Seldom Scene, The Country Gentlemen and Jimmy Thackery, as well as seminal rockabilly historians, NRBQ.

In the wake of Kaleidoscope, Stilwell has joined forces with fellow Seattle guitarist Mark Sexton to take the Cyclones to their next destination, whatever it may be. Sexton plays perfect counterpoint to Stilwell; his playing also a mix of rockabilly, rock and roll, and blues.

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