The Undiscovered: Patrick Ginnaty

Patrick Ginnaty


A New Age Rock 'N' Roll Wandering Minstrel

Guitarist Patrick Ginnaty from Maine offers up the 1995 project To Sail Beyond The Sunset, an eight-song CD featuring instrumental rock music composed between 1987 and 1995. Much of the music on the CD has a jammy feel to it--almost a first-take-live-in-the-studio approach, yet each piece revolves around a simple melodic theme. Influenced by the emotion and idealism of music from the 1960s, Ginnaty stresses memorabilty and feeling on To Sail Beyond The Sunset, relying on a stripped-down production to carry his message. The compositions on the record are equally divided between hard rockers and slower, moody pieces with longer improvisational sections.


Ginnaty was born on Halloween in Stillwater, Minnesota. Coming from artistic parents created a natural expectation that Patrick would also become an artist. As a teenager, Ginnaty heard the music of Eric Clapton on the radio, and the guitarist's lilting tones prompted him to buy his first guitar (an Epiphone) and start learning to play. Ginnaty spent parts of the next 25 years creating a series of tapes with original instrumental music for friends. In 1995, he booked himself into a studio and recorded the bulk of his first CD, To Sail Beyond The Sunset.

Ginnaty is currently working on material for his next release. This wandering minstrel, a pied piper of the electric guitar, is poised to begin his next musical breakthrough on his journey through life.

Contact Information

Beyond The Sunset Music
P.O. Box 219
Damariscotta, ME 04543
United States