The Undiscovered: Pat Hennessy

Pat Hennessy


Authentic, Hard-Edged Blues/Rock

California blues now has a new proponent - guitarist Pat Hennessy. His new CD, Triple Seven, features his diverse and passionate, blues-based guitar work alongside soulful vocals. While many of the songs on the record tend towards the blues, plenty of rock and shred licks can also be found on tunes such as "Any Questions" and "Night Of The Living Shred". Hennessy really stretches the blues in spots, applying his advanced ability on the guitar to create an album that satisfies guitar fans on many levels. Enjoy the guitar, enjoy the diversity, enjoy the CD!


Based in Laguna Hills, California, Pat was probably best known in that area for his stint as guitarist in the cover band Naughty Face. Previous to that gig, Pat toured with Christian blues artist Darrell Mansfield in the early '90s. In order to focus on his own songs, Pat made the decision to record tunes for what would become his first solo CD. In addition to his new role as recording artist, Pat currently teaches guitar to students in the Laguna area.

Hennessy will stay busy in late 1998 and throughout 1999 playing live shows and special events to promote Triple Seven. His well-received performnaces are sure to help spread the good news about his talent and passion for high energy blues/rock.

Contact Information

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1443 Seward St.
Hollywood, CA 90028
United States