The Undiscovered: Pascal Allaigre

Pascal Allaigre


New Caledonian GIT Graduate Goes Instrumental

Guitarist Pascal Allaigre's CD-R is entitled Out Of Nowhere, and it features ten hard rock, metal and shred themes dominated by incredible technique, crystalline production, and some exciting keyboard work by David Chuvan, who also plays bass and does some better-than-average drum programming. The opening cut on Out Of Nowhere, the title track, takes no prisoners as it showcases blistering sweep picking, furious rhythm work, and a fiendishly played wah-wah riff which forms the main melodic theme. "Anubis Revival" is reminiscent of Vitalij Kuprij's compositional style, and Allaigre doesn't disappoint here with an exotic, and at times mind blowingly fast, solo. Allaigre has skills to spare - look for him to make some noise in the guitar community.


Pascal started playing guitar in 1985. He enrolled in the Guitar Institute of Technology in 1996 and graduated in 1997. Pascal has since played with a few bands in New Caledonia, namely Summertime, Black Diamond, Revenge, B-NUM, performing at over 60 concerts. He currently is working as a guitar instructor, teaching harmony, theory and velocity. Pascal enjoys composing instrumental songs because it gives him a chance to fully develop themes on the guitar.

Allaigre would love to join or form a "real" band with a singer in the future.

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