The Undiscovered: Paolo Travagnin

Paolo Travagnin


Phenomenology Of The Musical Unconscious

Italian classical guitarist Paolo Travagnin is circulating his CD-R of nine original sound experiences, entitled Insolitudine. A passionate album, the project creates an "atmosphere" full of emotional content through sounds and interplay. Travagnin is fond of using unusual techniques to generate this emotional content, and uses a "phenomenological approach" to ensure the sound content reaches the conscious mind intact. Regardless of labels, the music is what matters most, and Travagnin is a stellar player creating beautiful, yet challenging music designed to appeal to the discriminating listener. It would be worth your while to track down a recording featuring this obviously gifted musician and composer.


Paolo (classical guitarist) began playing rock, blues, country and bluegrass at a young age. He later got his diploma in classical guitar at the "S. Cecilia" Conservatoire. Paolo has collaborated with many artists, has appeared on many television broadcasts and currently teaches in Rome at many music schools and gives private lessons. He recently performed at Carnegie Hall on guitar with the Venetian Baroque Orchestra in the Giovanni Ganna presentation of "Venice For One Day: A Celebration Of Venice, Its Beauty, History, and Culture".

Travagnin will continue to leap structural barriers, setting free his creative potential.

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