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Pablo Gomez


Revealing Heavy Metal Future Plans

French guitarist Pablo Gomez demo CD-R is a collection of eight heavy metal and shred oriented tracks, entitled Revelation. From the opening cuts, "Glory Hymn" and "Life Force", you can hear that Gomez has mastered his instrument from a technical standpoint. This is in spite of the poor production of the CD-R which sounds extremely compressed and has entirely too much distortion. It's very difficult at times to pick out the melody lines in the rhythmically heavy pieces because the rhythm guitar is distorted to the max and is overwhelming everything else in the mix. When the rhythm tracks are under control, the lead guitar seems awash in delay, which makes the solos hard to listen to as well. Since Gomez nearly already has the technical ability of his heroes such as Marty Friedman, he just needs to hook up with a good engineer or producer/engineer who can help him record his compositions, because as it is now, most people would have a hard time assessing his potential through the muddy mixes on Revelation. Gomez is sure to overcome these limitations in the future.


Pablo is 20 years old, but has been playing the guitar since the age of six, beginning with classical, flamenco and Oriental guitar styles. At the age of 13, he heard a Marty Friedman album, and it changed his life. Pablo practiced incessantly over the next two or three years, until he could comfortably play anything he heard in his head. He finds it easy now to play any song by ear note-for-note, but he does not want to simply imitate guitar heroes such as Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. Pablo's goal is to live off of his music, and to give people the feeling of escape in their minds, instead of just impressing them with technical playing.

Another dream Gomez has is to play his compositions with a full orchestra. He is convinced that the oneness of his vision and guitar playing would make him a good musician and composer.

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