The Undiscovered: One Tribe

One Tribe


Dance Beat-Driven Progressive Groove

Throbbing, funk-injected grooves. Punchy, zealous bass lines. Complex, extended lead guitar lines intertwined with wah-wah drenched rhythm guitar work. Getting the picture yet? That barely describes the opening few minutes of One Tribe's EP/CD The Search For Esoterica. Lest we forget, how about guitarist Michael Sanders hyperspeed, overdriven guitar work that adds beef, muscle and the edge necessary to give the music a proper hard rock and progressive tilt. Sanders can tone it down an notch as well, when required, to deliver singing (yet stinging) guitar coloration. The best part about most EP length CDs is that there are rarely throwaway tracks -- The Search For Esoterica is no exception. Each of the six cuts is utterly accessible in the finest rock tradition, yet with the fire, creativity and energy to enable it to stand up to repeated listenings. Great job.


Formed in Toronto, Canada in 1998 by Michael Sanders and Todd MacDonald, One Tribe blends hard funk and rock melodies with Afro-Cuban as well as traditional tribal rhythms creating a unique high-octane dance, beat-driven progressive groove. Michael is the group's lead songwriter, incorporating his vision and concept in the music and band's direction. He has been playing in nightclubs since the age of fifteen and has had some international success with his own group Dyoxen in the early 90s . He was inspired to play music by his father Will Sanders,who had worked through the '50s and '60s as a singer and pianist. Michael met drummer Todd MacDonald at the Harris Institute for the Arts in 1997, and after forming a partnership and putting together a digital studio, rounded out the band with vocalist William Burgomaster, bassist Andrew Port and percussionist Scotty Blaze.

The group plans to create a buzz on the music community's global scene and recruit the best talent to come on board to share in their vision. The tension and synergy among these musicians, combined with their indisputable artistry, give their live performances all the dynamics of passion, sensuality and groove no one should miss.

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